21 years of cultural posters in Flanders.
Visionandfactory was asked to design the scenography of this nice and amazing exhibition.
Commissioned by Design Flanders Gallery in Brussels (Kanselarijstraat 19, next to Central Station).
With an overview of 125 posters, designed by 40 graphic designers in Flanders during the last 21 years.
And at the basement: an exhibition of 21 years Kwintessens (the international design magazine, published by Design Flanders). Since its start, each issue was designed by another graphic designer.
Therefore, we organized a gallery with busts!

Look at the 21 takeaway posters

Visit the Gallery of the Greats

Pictures taken by © Katleen François (2012).





Design_Flanders_21_4 Design_Flanders_21_9

Design_Flanders_21_12 Design_Flanders_21_16

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