Ad infinitum - photo book.
Commissioned Kris Vervaeke, photographer in Singapore.

This book is showing a selection from more than 1,000 pictures taken of portraits found on the tombstones in Hong  Kong’s cemeteries. Cemeteries are essential features of Hong Kong’s cultural landscape. They are a symbolic place, powerful and feared.  A link to the afterworld.  Burial sites are carefully selected in consideration of good feng shui. The only prime property in Hong Kong that is deserted during most of the year. The Chinese avoid cemeteries  and only visit during the Ching Ming and Chung Yeung festivals. When searching for Hong Kong landscapes, Kris Vervaeke stumbled upon these seas of graves with the cityscape in the background. Permanent Chinese cemeteries where tens of thousands of graves can be found. From early Chinese immigrants till today. These deserted cemeteries house many tiny portraits. Fading faces looking out at you from the headstones. Memorial portraits on porcelain that show the person in real life.  Portraits, personal and often intimate, that were never meant to be used as a memorial. A single image selected to convey a whole life. 

cover: black offset printing on Tyvek.
inside: quadri offset printing on Focus Art Natural 115g, 2
64 pages, ft 14 x 20 cm.
© Kris Vervaeke & Hugo Puttaert - visionandfactory (2013)

Photography by Sven Dauphin.
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