Citype99 - (dis)information - conference identity
Graphic & type design conference Sint Lucas Antwerp.
The identity for this conference was designed in an interactive process between 4 graphic designers. Results were layered on top of each other without any intervention.

© visionandfactory (1999)
Design by Marcel Lennartz, Kim Matthé, Ronny Reuman
& Hugo Puttaert.

With thanks to Erik Desombere & collegues Sint Lucas Antwerp.
Photography 'The village' exhibition: © Roger Laute

Citype99 speakers were:
2Rebels (CAN), Bart Bloemen & Kurt Cornelis (B),
Evert Bloemsma (NL), Bulldozer (F), Luc(as) de Groot (NL),
Guy Drieghe (B), Ed Fella (USA), Rian Hughes (UK),
Christian Küsters & Andy Long (UK), Alessio Leonardi (I),
Pippo Lionni (USA), Jan Middendorp (NL), Nofrontiere (A),
Jay Rutherford (G), Michaël Samyn & Auriea Harvey (B),
Erik Spiekermann (G), Ian Swift (UK), Petr van Blokland (NL),
Jan Van Mol (B) & Norm (CH).

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