ArjoWiggins CyclusSilk/Papyrus - campaign
Some aerial views taken in a few minutes and printed on CyclusSilk 115 g/m.
Commissioned by Papyrus & ArjoWiggins. This brochure was launched at the Envision event (April 2008), Brussels.
Speakers such as Pierre Bernard, Erik Kessels, Hendrik Kaa Andersen, Richard Owers and Oliver Salge (Greenpeace) spoke about the necessity of graphic designers, advertising agencies & print companies to develop ideas and campaigns for a more sustainable economy with respect for our environment. -

Quadri offset printing on CyclusSilk 115 g, ft 29,7 x 42 cm.
© Hugo Puttaert - visionandfactory (2008)


Aerial_views_front Aerial_views_spread_1

Aerial_views_spread_2 Aerial_views_spread_3 Aerial_views_spread_4

Aerial_views_spread_5 Aerial_views_spread_6 

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