TypoBerlin 2006 'Play' - Be a boy lecture
My lecture was scheduled at the same time as Eboy.
Therefore we decided to print postcards in order to get enough people in the hall where I was lecturing.
We used an Eboy lookalike design and the Eboy font to confuse the participants.
I got a full house and Eboy even liked it!
© visionandfactory (2006).
Design: MNZRKK. Handwriting by Lena Puttaert. Cd sleeve by Dave Jans.
Art direction by Hugo Puttaert. -


Be_a_boy_Typoberlin_2 TypoBerlin2006



ATYPI 'On the edge', Helsinki 2005 - Get integrated lecture
Graphic design is a weird job!
© Hugo Puttaert - visionandfactory (2005).



TypoBerlin 2000 'Style'
Talking about the doctrine of lifestyle dictatorship and the availability of everything.
© Hugo Puttaert - visionandfactory (2000).



The future of the past Conference, typography & graphic design symposium, 2000, Lahti, Finland
Looking back at my dreams and childhood.
© Hugo Puttaert - visionandfactory (2000).

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