'Untitled': Variations in Design Practice - hosted by MFA Graphic Design
Kali NIkitas, Chair, MFA Graphic Design Otis College of Art and Design Los Angeles, California
invited 8 visiting artists for 8 different workshops. From June 11th to 15th 2012.
Thanks to Kali and her colleagues, we had a wonderful time.

Visiting artists:
Ludovic Balland (Basel, Switzerland) www.ludovic-balland.ch
Peter Bil’ak (The Hague, the Netherlands) www.peterbilak.com
James Goggin (Chicago, USA) www.practise.co.uk
Jan en Randoald (Ardooie/Ghent, Belgium) www.janenrandoald.be
Florian Pfeffer (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) www.oneone-studio.com
Hugo Puttaert (Brussels, Belgium) www.visionandfactory.com
Hanjse van Halem (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) http://hansje.net
Boy Vereecken (Brussels, Belgium) www.boyvereecken.com

Ayodimeji Adeshina, Daniel Chang, Cole Godvin, Naomi Kasa, Frida Li, Minfei Li, Emiri Tamaru, Jordan Darby, Patrick Garcia, Jody Work, Alexa Younger, Julia Warner, Tracy Lin, Dana Kramer, Joanna Rosso, Alia Al-Harithi, Susan Nakao, Rachel Fishman, Taehyung Ahn, Carlos Avila, Gilbert Garcia, Amy Hetherington, Andrew Leslie, Monica Maccaux, Eunjin Park, Nicolas Sanchez, Joy Scopa, Ramon Tejada, Brandon Waybright, Aniek Bliejenberg, Christina Wildgrube & Matthew Whittington.

Re-imagining Inglewood - Reading Inglewood
These two workshops weren given by James Goggin and myself. The introduction of our asignment:
Having been asked to lead a workshop titled ‘Re-imagining Inglewood’ concerning the City of Inglewood’s identity, we were initially concerned that such an assignment might be too complex a task for only one week, especially with most of us not knowing anything about the city. Although lots of information can be found on the internet (along with the odd Dr. Dre shoutout on mid-to-late ’90s hip-hop), the main concern remained: connecting with the city and its inhabitants through unprejudiced investigation on location. There was a main question to be answered: can a graphic designer add her/his skills to engage in dialogue with the city’s inhabitants in order to get a better overview or to draw attention to important places, issues, stories, and people…
download the pdf

Assisting Otis professors:
Yasmin Kahn http://counterspace.net
Hazel Mandujano https://ospace.otis.edu/hazelm/Welcome/published
Davey Whitcrraft www.davey.la

Jan en Randoald designed with their students the identity of the symposium.
Pictures taken by © Kristina Campbell, Randoald Sabbe & Hugo Puttaert (2012).