On this page, you can find a selection of several posters, which were designed
during the past few years. By clicking on each picture, you will be redirected to the referring job.
Enjoy the gallery!

People keep on asking me whether I design posters or not, well here is the answer: I do and I love it.
When I was 20, I was commissioned by the Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg - www.kvs.be -  to design their poster campaign for the upcoming season. I was in heaven –nearly stoned really– with quite a lot of inspiration and started working for several weeks on this project. But: I didn't get the job! A Polish designer did, and I must admit: he was good. Not better, but good. I was left frustrated aside but I was probably too young and too enthusiastic and didn't have a slightest idea that I had been exploited.

Nevertheless: I learned a lot about the 'real world' at that time and now, so many years later, after being the chairman of so many juries –amongst them a lot of poster awards–, I decided to gather the posters
I designed during –let's say– the last 10 to 15 years. And If you should doubt: 'designing posters' is –next to be a successful drummer (which I never was actually, however I always loved to)– one of my favorite occupations.


Affiche_Hugo_Puttaert_four_armed_guitarAffiche_Integrated_2013_2 This_is_not_thumb

Affiche_MVS_1 Affiche_Final_2011_Sint_Lucas_Antwerp Affiche_Integrated_2013_1 

Affiche_VSTA_2011_OK Affiche_VSTA_2002_2 Affiche_Icon_examination_chart Affiche_Integrated2011

 Affiche_Erik_SpiekermannAffiche_Beursschouwburg_2 Affiche_Integrated2009 Affiche_MVS_3

 Affiche_flyer_Integrated2011_Affiche_PVA Affiche_Fake_1 Affiche_Beursschouwburg_3

Affiche_KDFA_1Affiche_Fake_2 Affiche_typographic_examination_chart Affiche_ABK

Affiche_Beursschouwburg_1Affiche_EMAT_UA_2 Affiche_EMAT_UA_1 Affiche_MVS_2

Affiche_Lions_1Affiche_VSTA_2008 Affiche_KDFA_2 Affiche_Envision_1

Affiche_Vlaamsche_Reuzen Affiche_TPOP_2009 Affiche_TPOP_2006 Affiche_Lions_2

Affiche_VSTA_2005Affiche_Integrated2007_1 Fred_Bervoets_2 Affiche_Integrated2007_2

Affiche_TypoBerlin_1Affiche_TPOP_2007 Affiche_VIZO Affiche_TPOP_2008

Affiche_deBuren_1Affiche_VSTA_2002 Affiche_deBuren_3 Affiche_Citype97

Affiche_Van_Reybrouck_2Affiche_Van_Reybrouck Affiche_deBuren_2 

 Fred_Bervoets_1 Affiche_Envision_2  

 Affiche_Citype99_2 Affiche_Citype99_3 Affiche_Citype99_1

Affiche_VSTA_1999 Affiche_VSTA_1999_2