Renowned designers on Specials - campaign
‘Specials’ is a unique text & cover paper range, developed by Papyrus for the European market, with well known brands and new ones. It is the first text & cover collection, distributed by only one paper merchant, destinated
for all European countries. With the ‘Renowned designers on Specials’ project, Papyrus & visionandfactory
are offering a growing collection of authentic designs showing the subtlety of print.
Graphic designers, illustrators and typeface designers were invited worldwide to showcase various paper weights, textures, colours and printing techniques. They all bring their own personal style and approach.
However ‘Renowned designers on Specials’ isn’t here to showcase all the bells and whistles when approaching paper. The idea and the design itself –in relation to the paper & the appropriate printing technique– must convince.
Nothing more, nothing less.

With the collaboration of:
Fons Hickmann studio m23
Büro Destruct
Henning Wagenbreth
Hugo Puttaert & visionandfactory
others to follow


BAT_Wagenbreth_1 Hugo_Puttaert_Specials_1

Above: Typographic & icon examination charts (pink & yellow posters) designed by visionandfactory.
Visionandfactory chose two new colours from the Fuego Matt range to create two bizarre graphic designers examination charts, similar to the ‘old school’ eye tests. However in this case, it is all about typographic & software knowledge. At least at first sight! Or would this be a trap? The two posters were printed using simple means, only one or two color printing.

One colour offset printing on Fuego Matt shocking yellow & impact pink, 145g, A2 format.
© Hugo Puttaert in collaboration with Christophe Clarijs, Elke Scholliers (visionandfactory (2011)





Above: m23 poster designed by © Fons Hickmann m23 studio (Berlin)
Fons Hickmann’s studio decided to design a poster, showing some elements of rejected projects which they reorganized into a new tool. You could consider this as ‘blatant self-promotion’ but however, without any self-promotion functionality since there is no text shown. So you might conclude: unreadable. The result is quite suggestive and is showing a contemporary index of ideas and concepts, filtered from their own work. A very special and strange poster to inspire others and that should be considered as a nice gesture.

One & two colour offset printing on Natural Evolution white, 120g, A0 format.
© Fons Hickmann m23 (2011)



Above: An intergalactic document of terrestrial hieroglyps on papyrus. By © Büro Destruct (Bern)
The brochure’s name itself begins to suggest the remains of an extra-terrestrial life form. It seems quite unreadable, we are left with a dialogue of pure futuristic shapes. Could these be glimpses into a new typeface to come or just
a release of their futurist, retro, and Bauhaus quirks? Nevertheless, the one Pantone approach on Plike® Graphite/Pastel Blue and Plike® Orange accents the design beautifully. The deep matt surface of the Plike® papers adds extra dimensions to the design. The contrast between the matt surface and the gloss of the ink makes the image stand out, and there is the particular tactile experience of touching Plike®. The new colours Pastel Blue
and Orange bring a bright accent to the Plike® range.

Several one colour PMS offset prints on several coloured Plike paper qualities, A5 format.
© Büro Destruct (2011).


 Henning_Wagenbreth_2 BAT_Wagenbreth_2


Above: The Christmas tree massacre, designed by Henning Wagenbreth.
Henning designed the Tobot Monday journal as a present for the participants at Integrated2011.
So we asked him to design a 'special' Christmas card for Papyrus.
Can you imagine to receive such a Christmas card on a warm winter night? With all kind of strange creatures being busy chopping and destroying Christmas trees? Very peaceful, isn’t it? You could even use this card as a manual to
organize a cosy Christmas night. This approach is really the trademark of Henning Wagenbreth: creating clever illustrations which seem to be nice looking at first sight, but after a closer look, you are invited to explore Henning’s world of absurd
& dark hearted humour. Henning used the orange/yellow colour of the paper as a starting point. So only CMK had
to be printed, next to silver of course!

Four colour offset printing on Majestic gold satin 250g.
© Henning Wagenbreth (2011)