The Longest Letter (South Ramallah)
Sendamessage Foundation sprayed the entire content of a monumental letter,
2,625 metres long on the wall that cuts Palestine and the Palestinians off from the rest of the world.

Farid Esack, a muslim, scholar and human rights activist from South Africa, was asked to write this letter.
He compares the current situation in Palestine with South Africa under apartheid.
His letter, eloquent, wise and shocking, deserves the full attention of the world.

Farid Esack: 'I am astonished at how ordinarily decent people whose hearts are otherwise "in the right place"
beat about the bush when it comes to Israel and the dispossession and suffering of the Palestinians. (...)
Do both parties deserve an "equal hearing" in a situation of domestic violence – wherein a woman is beaten up
by a male who was abused by his father some time ago – because he too, is a victim? (...)
We call upon the world to act now against the dispossession of the Palestinians. We must end the daily humiliation
at checkpoints and the disgrace of an Apartheid Wall that cuts people off from their land, livelihood, and history.'
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