visionandfactory - identity
Designing your own identity is not an easy job.
I designed a comprehensive system based on fluo colouring, photographic images & icons.
This identity is ready to evolve all the time. It is open to change, yet it stays very recognizable.

© visionandfactory (2000-2010).

Design & photography landscapes by Hugo Puttaert.
Photography faces by © Bjorn Tagemose.

The formerly identity of visionandfactory was nominated
by the New York Art Director's Club.


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Learning to fly
by Michel Elands (2002)
Moving to Brussels by Christophe Liekens (2003)
Xmass promotion by Kim Matthé(2003)
Strategic blabla by Kim Matthé (2001)
Poor little dwarf by Michel Elands (2002)


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