Addmagazine 7 - durability
International magazine about print & other media.
Published by Papyrus and visionandfactory.
Quadri offset on several text & cover paper qualities,
68 pages, ft: 22 x 31 cm.

Issue featuring Pierre Bernard & Grapus,
Erik Kessels (Kesselskramer), Underware,
Sara De Bondt, Stephan Vanfleteren, ERG,
Oded Ezer, Ronald Gestels, Renaud Huberlant (Salutpublic), Rose Woods, Alessio Leonardi
& Jan Middendorp.
Photography cover by © Stefan Vanfleteren.
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© visionandfactory (2008)
Spreads viewing the work of:

Underware, Jan Middendorp (opinion),
Sara De Bondt & Pierre Bernard.