Addmagazine 9 - reinvention
International magazine about print & other media.
Published by Papyrus and visionandfactory.
Quadri offset on several text & cover paper qualities, 60 pages,
ft: 22 x 31 cm.

Issue featuring Stéphane de Schrevel, Siggi Eggertsson,
Inge Gobert, Pippo Lionni, Rod McDonald, Pictoplasma, Stefan Sagmeister, Johan Van Looveren, Boy Vereecken, Wesley Wolkman, Alessio Leonardi & Jan Middendorp.

Photography by © Roger Laute & Nico Rein
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© Hugo Puttaert & visionandfactory (2010)
Spreads viewing the work of:
Pippo Lionni, Stéphane de Schrevel, Wesley Wolkman, Stefan Sagmesier, Boy Vereecken & Siggi Eggertsson

“That printbooks, magazines, newspapers will become
icons, sculptures, textures – that they will be a means of communication of a different order, and that simple information transfer will be effected by some other (electronic) means.
Print will no longer be obliged to simply carry the news. It will have been given (or will have taken, in this case) its freedom, and there is no going back.
Print is reborn, resurrected, as something initially unrecognizable. It’s not really dead, it simply mutated into
something else.”
© David Byrne in 'The end of print' (1995).